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Photo Challenge # 17 My computer

It's my laptop that I use everyday to prepare lessons and papers to school and use the internet ,too.Because of my laptop ,I improve my English by reading and writing and using many dictionaries .Because of it ,I can spend my free time happily by joining my Ec.Because of it ,I have you , all my dear friends around the world whom I care and respect .
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  • @ Bright -rubies :

    Thank you so much for the lovely comment! How nice to have a wonderful student like you !

    See you soon ,dear !

  • @ Nadiyah :

    Your secret is mine ,too :)

    I keep reading until my eyes closed !

    Thank you ,dear for the comment ! Best wishes !

  • @ Scarlett :

    You mean Rajesh? Oh ! so his nice comment is just to make me overlook his cheating ! Ok ,I understand now :) . He will be punished for that ,Don't worry ! ;)

  • @ Sahar :

    Thank you ,dear for passing by !

    Best wishes !

  • @ Mitran : Lazy students don't have to wear glasses :) but teachers have to , But I don't wear it always ,because I don't want to hide my beautiful eyes :D

    Thank you dear for the nice comment ! see you soon!

  • Very neat desk :) I love it and your books, too. I wish if I could be in one of your classes. It's a good idea, indeed. 

  • Hey I tell you a secret ... sometimes I slept with my books :D

  • Like me when I had busy days. Eyeglass, books everywhere, tissue and another things on my mess desk :D

    Nice photograph, Teacher Hala!

  • My dear Hala,

    It's my great pleasure if we could share together some cup of coffee. hihi...So, you're also addicted to come here everyday like me. 

    By the way, did you notice that one of your students here are planning to cheat in your exam making of us soon? :D

  • Oh dear, you know that I love exams, so no need to be careful.:)

    ...and of course it'd be nice dream......btw, don't wanna write here about my EC dream...else you might call me crazy... :D

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