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Paddy Seedlings at Sunset

Paddy Seedlings at Sunset
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  • What about "The Gate of The Sky", Mishaikh? 

    I didn't have any idea before. :))

    Thank you for your beautiful comment.


  • No caption, what is it?

    But looks scenic!

  • Thanks ELF Noor, Evangelina, and Adaline for visiting and liking my work. :)

  • Dear Kal,,

    Yeah, this was very charming... I wonder how this could happen.
    . When the sun was like this. Really, I forget the time I took this pic. :D

    This was about 2 months ago.

    I see again and's just wow.

    Thanks a lot for your appreciation. ^^
  • Yes, dear Rosemary, The mother nature has arranged a fantastic party.More colourful dresses.For a moment I thought that if I was there…seem to a paradise.

    Many thanks for sharing dear Onee!

  • Roman,,,Thank you for the word 'PHOENIX'. I love it. :))

    Cool!!! ^^ And yes,,those color also don't bite my eyes. Friendly color for our eyes.:D

    Thanks again for your appreciation. ^^
  • WWWOOOOOOWWWW!!!!! MMMMMMM!!! I lack the words, as always... I see the Phoenix itself!!!!!!! It is charming wonderful, comfortable and beautiful! It is really good picture!!! I like everything, not only this amazing sunset! So much colorful and what is cool, that colors are very kind and don't biting the eyes:) Thank you for sharing!!!!

  • So, it is exotic. :))

    Thanks for your appreciation, Luci. ^^

  • Very nice picture, Onee.. btw such landscape is so exotic to me :p
  • Thank you for the words, Rosemary.

    An awesome parting day, isn't it? ^^
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