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Elephant mom with her baby.

I took that photo on my trip around Sri Lanka in 2014.

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  • A great Job, But !....Where are the teeh of this mother ?...Who the bad gun took'em out from this mother ?....What is the future of the baby about ?...

    • Adriano, 

      The Asian female elephants usually have no tusks.

  • You're so close! So beautiful pic, congrats.

    • Yes, Estanis, I was very close.

      I had even ridden an elephant. Actually I don't like those tourists activities but it wasn't anything like that.
      My husband, a couple of my friends, and I, we were lucky to had that ride on an elephant far away from the tourist paths.

      The owner of the elephant went with us through a lake full of lotus plants. It was incredibly exciting and beautiful! The owner has made huts and necklaces from lotus for us women. At the end of our ride, the elephant gave us a shower with his trunk. It was refreshing and fun.

      • What a nice experience,  I also rode an elephant in Chiang Rai but the type of tourist attraction you mentioned 😕

        • Just look at this, Estanis. The photos, I took 2004 on my first travel to Sri Lanka. It's just pity because the photos are not the best quality. 





    Baby elephants are so cute, I heard that they stay with their mother for 16 years.

    • Indeed, they are cute Saba. Elephants are social animals. They live as big families.


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