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Our new kitten Sonny

We adopted her about three weeks ago. She is so smart playful and friendly!
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  • Hello kitten Sonny,

    Why does not your mom lick you? You must lick yourself.

  • Yes, I know that it is their way of communication. But also sometimes they are washing themselves even if they are clean... Or right after we washed them up...

  • Roman, I have forgotten to tell you that cats don't wash themselves. It is us who wash them. They lick themselves and others. In fact, licking is a part of their social life like our hand shaking or friendly kisses. When my adult cats licked Sonny almost at once, I realized they accepted her as a part of our family. They lick people, too trying to say we are one famly.

  • :))))) You caught her during washing! So cute piece of wool!

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