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Ottoman's Flower :)

I found this flower quite weird. Behind is the Topkapı Palace.
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  • Beautiful

  • @ Nadira, Thanks a lot. :)

    @ Res, I named it so, bcoz it was in Ottoman's Palace's garden. Its real name is cockcombs. :)

  • strange and nice!!its real name is Ottoman flower or you named it ? :D

  • exquisite

  • @ Charos, we also call rose as gul and cock as horoz! Yes, now I understand why this flower's named so. Thanks Charos! ^^

  • Yase, we also have this flower almost in every house's backyard, and we call it "Gul-tojiho'roz" that means something like "cock's-comb-shaped flower" ... :) And it really looks like cock's comb, doesn't it? :)

  • @ Adnan, thank you very much...

  • really nice capture

  • @ Lucy,

    Thanks for coming by. The name of the flower is Cockcombs as Ann said.

  • @ Ann Nattee,

    Thanks for the information. The name "cockcombs" reminds me "cockroach"! I don't get why such a beautiful flower has a weird name!

    PS. Your new name fits you very well! ^^

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