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Me And Snow

Me and a branch, covered by snow behind me
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  • Hi Sumeyra!

    Thank you! :)

  • Hi Rahul Bhai!

    High Five buddy! 8)

    Well... I have been avoiding wearing scarves for maybe 20 years...

    Muahahahaah xDDD Like a Mummies! Wow! I think you should take a picture of yourself, while being like a Mummy! :P

  • nice picture there

  • Awwwww :D Thank you dear Rosemary!

    Thank you! :)

  •        I feel happy to see u smiling in the middle of ice and snow 

                :) ur picture  is wonderful   , best of luck :) 

  • Hi Ella!

    Do you think so? :)))

    Oh my... poor branch... I left without saying bye to Branch...

  • Hi Fizzy! :)

    You know what? It is not fair!

    Go and take the pictures of yourself :P

  • „Me and a branch“    ---  ohhh..  so romantic )))

    You look like really nice couple..

    And branch already looks like bride in white wedding dress ..


  • Thank you Grace! ;)

  • Hi Lucinka! :D

    Well, now I how a doubt about that :P

    Grrr... :/ -10... I hope it is not windy there in Czech. 

    Sometimes if the weather is not so good, we say something like this "Good pet owner will never go out with his/her dog in such a weather" :D

    Ok, take care and get better soon!

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