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March#1: Parks and Gardens

Some months ago, I and my husband decided to go out for lunch. I begged my hubby not to take me to the park since I was sure that cats won't let me have a good time. But he insisted that I take it easy and enjoy. As I guessed some naughty kitties got closer and closer to have some food with us! But it wasn't like what I was expecting. They were so funny and cute. We really had a good time there. Here in the picture you can see the three kitties we had around us. We let them have some tiny particles of our food. We are not that cruel, are we?Just guess the ending. We were almost finished with the food that a poor man came and asked us for the remainder. At the same time, a very beautiful, yet so brave cat came and wanted to steal the food remained. This cat, unlike most of cats, was not afraid at all to get close. The man sat on the bench and so did the cat. He was about to sit on it! Anyway he struggled to make the cat go and finally he succeeded and had the food.We enjoyed a lot. The point was that I had to take it easy to had all that fun.
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  • Thank you for sharing the detailed experience, Zahra! Sometime we are in the park not just enjoying the view of the park itself, but may come across some unexpected things that would make the day more unforgettable. :)

  •      You know, I did not know you do not like kittens, they can be very sweet and loving despite not being yours.      I think that next time, you have to take a little more food, so you can feed the kittens and also the homeless if you find it again.     So will not have to fight for food.
    And I'm so glad you all had a very nice day in the park after all.      :)

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