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make a wish...

Do you believe in miracles?
Have you ever hold a blowball in your hand and made a wish?

Or do you think that is nonsense... 

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  • This reply was deleted.
    • Hehe... I think the same, Bossona, when people told me that as a child I would always think 'what nonsense...' :D
      But they look just amazing and I always go into dream mode and feel happy only looking at them. :)

  • Hi, dear NannyClue )))

    Nanny  "Have you ever hold a blowball in your hand and made a wish?

    - You bet!!!

    Nanny "Or do you think that is nonsense... "

    - hmmm...I would never come to my mind to say to my granny about this in our times....she would be so much surprised why I'd ask her such a question!!! Children are supposed to believe in wonderwork. 

    Now to the point. My own feeling on the subject is that any adult is a "child in a grown-up body". And everyone believes in miracles (or at least still wants to believe). If lilacs grew here, I would still be looking for a flower with five petals and eat it making wishes ))) Is it too childish?
    • Maybe because I didn't have a nice granny telling me this, I was a grown up in a child's body. ;-)
      Thx for your comment, OM :)

  • Thanks guys! :)

  • so beautiful... 

  • Beutiful capture. 

    Love it! ^_^

  • Good Job . nice scene .Congras ..

  • The colors are wonderful

This reply was deleted.