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Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo. This is the name of the plant.
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  • I do not have idea about their name.  When we purchased these plants from a mall, there was a name tag stuck to them. May be some holticurist put some light on it.

    Thanks Onee.

  • Why they named it Lucky?

    This is very unique bamboo. 

    Thank you for sharing, Mishaikh. ^^

  • They are so cute, a little flower family :) Mishaikh.

  • It is really good for it! Thank you for the explanation!

  • Thanks Roman. Plants are real. This plant can survive in both soil and water. There is water in the flask

  • Hmm it looks great there! I like that plant even more than those dolls! Is it real or artificial? Right one looks like artificial, because there are no soil in the jug.

    Lucky Bamboo?:) Nice name!

    Thank you for sharing Mishaikh!

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