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How to make love outside...

These two stayed together for over 26 hours in my garden. I really felt that I disturbed them while taking pics... so I took only a few and checked every few hours whether they still were together. I think that's the best way to spend your time. ;-)

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  • Charming!

  • Oh gosh...they must be starving after such a long date,,,

    Snail Eating Hungry Snail GIF - SnailEating HungrySnail GIFs

  • such a voyeur you are.. 

    • Indeed I was... Now you don't need to believe me... buuut... I could swear every time I was moving closer to take another pic, one snail was "hiding" the other in a hollywood-kiss manner... like in this pic. The rest of the time they were making out like this. 


  • Aww, so sweet!! 

  • For over 26 hours!!?? 😵

    • Yeah, kinda short, right? :P

  • Good job . 

    • Thx Adriano  ;)

    • Thatswhatshesaid Joke GIF - Thatswhatshesaid Joke Michaelscott - Descubre &  Comparte GIFs

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