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Lovely Lovebirds ^_^

I couldn't help taking the photo of them. They have beautiful colors and cute eyes. They are a pair of lovebirds. How lovely couple! ^_^I wonder what they thought when I took the photo of them. They kept staring at me. ^_^Thank you for visiting to my gallery.
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  • Dear NotAClue,

    I don't know where to find them in their natural habitat. :( Yes, people find them beautiful. That's why they trade these lovebirds. I wish I can make them a big garden to stay.

    Thanks for dropping by, dear NotAClue.

  • Dear my sweet friend Kal,

    It is really a sweet poem! I love each of the verses. So sweet!! ^_^ So many thanks for sharing. 

    Yes Roman,

    Now you know them :D Thanks for your reply. ^_^

    Dear Rosemary,

    Agree! ^_^ Thanks for your comment.

    Dear Ella,

    Sure. ^_^ Thanks for your comment.

  •       They are  so cute 

  • Hello dear Kal! Thank you for sharing this nice poem!

  • Omg! Hahah, they are really so noisy! :D

  • Lovely love birds.

    When seeing them, I reminded this poem one of the poets.(Jude Kyrie)

    The Love Birds

    Oh where do you nest in what branch above
    Whisper to me my angel, tell me my love.
    Oh tell where you build your nest
    To lay in sweet and gentle rest

    In the meadow a lonely pine
    Is where I mourn until you are mine
    Mornings see my lonesome tears
    Nighttime breezes my sobbing hears

    My lonely heart soars in skies of blue
    So long I searched and cried for you
    Each day I looked in Lee and dell
    Each night to the moon my sorrows tell

    I know you really long for me
    And all my love you can see
    Loneliness ends as our love starts
    We fly as lovers with one heart

    Together on wings of love we fly
    Until we touch the heavens in the sky
    Come make your tender home with me
    Forever as one we will always be!


  • But hearing their chirping is really fun and make me cheerful more. ^_^

  • Look Roman!

    They are really talkative and noisy. :D

  • Dear Grace,

    Yup. They looks so sweet that I can't help smiling at them. Thanks for your sweet comment. ^_^

    Dear Roman,

    :(( They are alive, Roman. Lovebird is the name or these birds. Please know ME. ^^ And they sounds very beautiful. :p Yup, they are beautiful and so cute. Thanks for your beautiful comment. ^_^

    Dear SNR,

    Thank you for your so cute comment. ^_^

    Dear Evangelina,

    :D Yes. You're right. They felt insecure when I came near. But when my hands approached them, some tried to bite me. It's not hurt but it's fun. :D

    I think it's normal as I think they are vegetarian. :p Yes, they are a pair. So sweet, right. Thanks for your cute comment. ^_^

    A lovebird is the common name of Agapornis (Greek: αγάπη agape 'love'; όρνις ornis 'bird'), a small genus of parrot. Eight species are native to the…
  • Onee,

    Omg, they look so adorably cute. They always sit like that, alerted and attentive when they feel a little insecure or that some came them too near.

    They always have such beautiful colors. These ones looks very healthy actually a little bit fatty :)) ... Hmm, wondering whether they are a pair.

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