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Among lotus

Among lotus pond.
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  • nice..

  • Hi April!

    I never thought that Lotus Pond looks like this! :)

    What is written there on the tablet?

    And BTW, I was looking for that picture, you mentioned in your comment to one of my pictures about cinema. You said, you have a very similar picture to mine. :)

  • wooow..where is the magnificent place ?

  • I never heard of lotus tea before. WOW. I've eaten lotus seeds before. I've eaten it like popcorns. LOL. It seems that people can use every parts of lotus plants.

    Thank you for explaining Kiriku.

  •  Yes, Noas. Lotus flower is used to make lotus tea , the leaf used to wrapped green rice, the seed can be an ingredient for sweet soup. The owners of the ponds collect them all  and sell them to the users. They also can earn some more money from visitors who come and take photos there. But lotus flowers are in bloom for just 2 months in summer.

  • I wonder if these lotus flowers are purposely grown for commercial purposes?

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