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Have you ever lost your glasses?..I wonder why people -myself included- leave their glasses everywhere and at any these ones, sitting comfortably on the sand, taking a sunbath, thinking deeply and "looking" at the bluish ocean.
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  • I see it, Janeth. That's cool! 8)

  • Ella, I hope you are having a nice day!

    Thank for your comment!! That happens to me all the time!!! I lose my keys in my bag and sometimes I have to spend several minutes to find them.  You have a good point there, it can be a great opportunity to find others things (LOL).   I have more problem with my keys than with my glasses...

    It is fantastic to see you here Ella.  Best wishes!!!

  • Hi, Thank you for taking the time to see the picture and commenting on it!

    It is good to know that men lose keys too....not only women! Yes, that place is perfect to sunbath and is one of the most beautiful beaches in my country.

    Have an excellent day Estanis!   

  • Yes.. sunglasses even car keys, I can help it, at first I got angry with myself but then I learned it's in my nature :/

    Btw, it looks a unique place for sunbathing and chilling.

  • Yes Dara, those are "lentes" or "gafas".  I don't think so the owner has so many.

    Thank you so much for your words!

  • Question gafas son  eats a?  Jan. I guess the owner  has many. Thanks for sharing. 

  • Hi One-chan!  Yes, the ocean is there, but I am afraid I took the picture a little -well, maybe not a little- behind the shore, I can see only a tiny line of the ocean....that place is located one hour and a half from my city. I took this another picture that day...but of course I was nearer the shore....2602223857?profile=original 

    Thanks a lot for you comment!  Have a great weekend and sleep tight!

  • Hi Janeth,

    Are you serious? I tried hardly to see the ocean, too. Is it near your place?

    A very cool photo! 8)

  • Hi Roman!!! The ocean is just over there! That photo was taken in front of the ocean, but maybe we can see much better the sky than the ocean, or both are mixed in the picture....I promise the sea was there....another possibility is that these glasses need a new prescription...

     Thank for you comment on this photo!  I am glad you liked the idea!  Have a nice weekend!

  • Evangelina I wish you are having a great Friday!   I am glad that you liked the photo!  The ocean inspires you to take good pictures!!  I laughed when I read that witty comment on the "wipers".  You were such a clever little girl!! 

    I appreciate your kind words!! 

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