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The olive branch is a symbol of peace , I wish peace to all the nations in the world
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  • @ Yasemin:

    Thank you dear for sharing! Nice to see u here :)

  • Very meaningful!

  • @ Carole :

    Thank you dear for the nice words ,you are totally right ,in this site we are from many different places in the world ,but under the same sun ....we all have care and love to each other ...I hope peace to all :)

  • Thank you, dear!

    There is no place to hate in my heart.

    ..... (¯`v´¯)♥
    ... (
    / \ ♥♥

  • @ Fidan:

    The pigeon is also a symbol of peace here and in all the world especially when it carries a branch of olives ...Thank you dear for sharing .We wish peace to all the world .

  • Why always punishment, 253 ?

    Oh, are you talking about the girl in the middle? She is with you. :P

  • And if I hate any one...hihihi...I will ignore him/her. No argument.

  • @ Raj....

    Love you...No way....hhhh...You still keep in touch with that girl, right? OMG....come back home, right now. I'm waiting.....hahaha.....

  • hahaha...My kind Teacher.

    I'm joking, You knew our relationship (I and Raj), right? How can I hate him..kekeke....

    Just because he didn't obey me so I gave him some "punishments". He told me : "Mom, You're crazy. OK. No doubt. But I'm not crazy so don't shout in public I'm your son. I feel so shy..." . Teacher, when I received his message. If you are me. Whatwill you do?

    Now, I punish him. No go out, no computer, no phone, no "date" wiht his lover....all day, he must do his homeworks..hahaha..Poor him!

  • @ Mayumi :

    Thank you dear ! we wish this dream comes true .

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