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Just for Adaline

HI, PALS! :))Onee failed to catch my beautiful pose. (Sorry for the blurred shot) ^^I was just amazed by the high art of its neck. How wonderful! :)

Additional photo... :D

Thank you for visiting my gallery. ^_^

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  • Thank you, Mishaikh. Yeah, they are so beautiful. 

    Actually I really wanted to touch and caress it. ^^ Sadly, I couldn't. 

  • These are amazingly!

  • Thank you, Susana, for visiting and liking the photo in my gallery. :)
  • Esta,, what made you write turkey instead of peacock :D

    I also remember Ada once I saw this. Ada seems to really love this. :)

    Thanks for your comment and like. ^^
  • Dear Evangelina,,

    The peacock was the one which was moving. That's why.. :( :D

    Thanks. Adaline is indeed a beautiful person. :)

    Thank you for your comment and like. :)
  • Sorryyy.... a peacock!
  • Hehe.. I will also remember her when I saw a turkey :)
  • Onee,

    Hmm, I am wondering why picture got so blurred. Were you running away at the same time while taking photo?

    It is ... how to say, a very unique and beautiful creation, the bird.

    Beautiful dedication to just as beautiful person <3
  • Thank you dear ELF-Noor ! It's very nice of you! God bless you too sweetheart!

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  • Risty dear, glad to see you again.

    Thank you for your wow comment. :)
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