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Is This Sneaker fit me well?

My female cat is trying on my wife's sneaker making up her mind how many sneakers to buy! Maybe, one will be enough for two paws!
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  • Dear Mary, I agree. When we are done with my current challenge I will surely suggest this idea!

  • Ah, sorry, I forgot it...

  • Roma, Bux is much younger than Kusyasha. In fact, he is her adopted son

  • My friends, we have a dog, too!

  • Agree with Mary! This could be for the new challenge! Maybe she is trying to figure out if she could stuff the sneaker with her body completely. :)

  • MARY, no... Not only in shoelaces. They also like to enter to the boxes or to the similar or smaller objects... Even if there is a place only for two paws...

  • Hahaha! I think they suit her!:D And as I can see, her new father is asking her something like "Aren't they tight?"

  • This could be a pic for the new Photo Challenge :P

    Good thing they are cats and at the end, they are just interested in the shoelaces. With a dog, you'd have had to buy new sneakers 

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