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Chili Dark Chocolate Mini Cheesecake

Sometimes I like to play when cooking.  This time I added crushed dry Carolina Reaper chile / chili and cayenne chile powder to my dark chocolate cheesecake recipe.  The chile shown in the photo is not a Carolina Reaper but one that may be hotter - Dragon's Breath.

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  • It is really something new. I just can't imagine the taste. 

    Thanks for the idea.

    • Just think rich chocolate and then  think "mouth on fire" ;)

  • I have never tried spicy chocolate. I will do that when I have a change to try. I only try sweet ginger chocolate at the coffee house store.

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    • For ME, it wasn't very spicy.  Both my Cousin Ken and my mother said it was too spicy for them to eat.

  • Sweaty

    • makes you sweat?  The chile will and my cousin says the spicy cheesecake make him sweat.  Only 3 people so far have tried it - my mother, my cousin and I.  For me it isn't very spicy.

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