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My meal for lunch today.

That's the meal I cooked for lunch today.

Steak with cauliflower with butter and breadcrumbs on top.

I made the roses from potatoes. They are of course edible.

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  • dear Rose, I am ready for having a dinner!!! It likes delicious!!!, take care

  • Can't you prepare a lunch fo r me..? like this....😕

    • If you visit me, yes, Keshala. 

  • Wow! It looks very tasty, Rose!!

    By the way, what are these roses made of?

    • nan, these roses, I made from potatoes.

      • Wow! Are you saying you made this meal by yourself? You're an artist!!! 

        I love cooking, but I don't know how to make such beautiful things! Congratulations!!!

        • Hi, nan.

          Yes, I made this meal myself.

          Making those roses is quite isn't magic...

          Thanks for your nice comment.

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Thanks for complimenting my meal, dear Ella.

      By the way, those potato roses are easy to make.


  • I,ll keep the steak with those attractive potatoes.  I'm not so fond of cauliflower.  Thanks for sharing chef!

    • Lol, Estanis.

      May I offer you a second steak instead of cauliflower...and also a double portion of those potato roses??


This reply was deleted.