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shot by : A.Martelli

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  • it is a nice place.

  • Lol Mr.Daragino..Those two youngs are Adriano and Iris...! Thanks for your stopping by

  • Lori ki sono, Adriano? Who are those two young ones? Nice photo!

  • It seems nice to be sitting there. ^^

    Thank you for sharing this, Adriano. 

    • Thank you very much for dropping by ....

  • nice shot Martelli.

    Where is your bike؟

    • Oh, My dearest friend babai , I am a poor man, I've no enough money to buy a bike,but I ride on my skateboard , it's very cheap and faster than a bike...Thank you for dropping by.

      • Lack money is the most important thing you and I have in common. two penniless man can cheer each other up by exaggerate each other's skills. riding skateboard is harder than learning English. Congratulations.

        Now it's your turn. you can exaggerate my progress in learning English because I don't know how to ride a skateboard. 


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