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In the good ol' times my city was an important train stop in the country. As trains went out of fashion the importance of the station and the city disappeared.
These last years the train has come to life again as a touristic attraction. It's a short ride that stops in a couple of rural stations, where the locals present some traditional products and food, and in the last station there's a bigger fair, with music and traditional dances.

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  • Oh my goodness, do such trains still exist? It seems like a time machine threw the photographer a century back. 

  • The train is very beautiful. matte black with that red logo. A red coin-like logo, with a matte black circle. It looks powerful. I'd like to see it up close. of course when it is off. Those fumes pollute the air. I like old industrial designs much more than modern ones. Old trains, old cars, old planes. You can see the spirit in their design, which is less common in new industrial designs.

    • Yes! Although I like tto travel in this train, I can't imagine a time where everyday several of these trains roamed the railways sending their gray fumes into the sky.

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