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Guest-welcoming Pine, Huangshan in China
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  • @Jeffrey

    Thank you for the comment. Yes, when I was there the fog was so heavy, and I just managed to take the photo. I'm glad so many members here enjoy it. 

    The tree is so famous that no trip to the mountain is complete without a piture of it. I hear the tree is in danger (it roots in the crack of the big stone and people wonder how could it have survived such a long time). The soil nutrition is vital for a tree to grow, so it's a miracle the tree is still alive after hundreds of years of strong winds and heavy rains.

  • @Mr.Bob

    Thanks for the nice comment. In fact, I was kind of disappointed when I saw the heavy fog on the mountain. If it was a sunny day, the picture could have been more beautiful. 

  • Very nice composition with the tree and the fog.

  • @tawfeeq
    Thank you!

  • Nice one.

  • @Jeffrey

  • Thanks Luzzi!

  • Like it, nice art pic and good inspiration for me to go outside in foggy weather and take some pics :) of course if one can see sth :)
  • Thanks for loving this picture!
  • Yeah, I agreed with 'missing' ... like painting :) It's beautiful foggy ...
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