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Huangshan in China

Huangshan in China
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  • Yes, I took the picture and wanted to share it with MyEC members.
  • Ohh, so many people  in such a narrow path ! How long did it take you to climb to the top ? Did you take a picture up there ?
  • Which are you, Mr.ES? I checked one by one among the passers-by ;)

    Now I knew you took this picture! hahaha ... right? wonderful picture, colorful ;)

  • I had a tough time while I was climbing it, but I really enjoyed the climbing.
  • wow! it's so nice! It must be very tough climbing! Thanks a lot for the photo.
  • In fact, there was some fog at the top of the mountain that morning. It turned out to be a very hard steep climb - challenging!
  • You bet I was among them that morning! Huangshan is one of the most beautiful mountains in China. I visited the mountain during the so-called "Golden Week" vacation (Oct.1 - Oct. 7).
  • So many people! So crowded!
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