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Horse Carriage in Princes' Islands

Horse carriage and biking are the only vehicles to tour around Princes' Islands.
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  • walahi so sweet .. i would like to be there one day inshallah

  • Oh my, why did Ordi think that you're my sis??! How is that possible?! I'm such a "sweet" person where as you're ........... =P

    Btw, never ever try to sell that "Air of Istanbul" to me, little one! We too have horses here... kekeke

  • That's true! That smell is a very nice one! Next time I will take some and sell as "Air of Istanbul" to Nido! :D

  • A very nice perfume brought from Paris, Nido! :D 

  • What smell you people are talking about?? :D

  • @ Ordi, Yet I prefer this smell to exhaust gas of automobiles. :D

  • You are welcome! Anytime!

  • There are many more photos on the net. Just click on images! kekeke =P

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