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Have you ever eaten a mango ? ^_^

I have five mango trees in my garden.A friend told me that in his country a mango was so expensive and ten people shared one mango. Here in my garden,mangoes are for free. I wish I could send them to him ^_^
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  • In Ecuador all years, eats mangoes.

    We have different types the mangoes in different time in the year.

    Here are very cheap, aproximatelly el costo is betwen 0.25 and 0.50 cent of dollars.


    Homero T. Chamba.

  • I see the mangos are yellow, never see them like picture! it must be fresh! in china, lot of fruit come from Thailand, such as SHANZHU. They are very delicious and popular. i think there are kinds of fruit that i nerve seen them, i hope i can go to Thailand and tast them, haha!


    Wow.. they were really expensive.. In my country Guatemala, Mangoes are everyday fruit. we have a great variety of them.. I have tried the ones that you`re showing in the pic.. they are delicious but ripe, some people like to eat them green or tender.. with salt and spices, we add something called "pepita".. it`s like a pumpking seed crumbled.. it`s delicious!

  • Wow,You are really making a great effort to grow mango trees:)

    Great shot my dear surawan:)

    for you :)


  • Mango is a tropical fruit (I guess)  so we  in the tropis relish it and most do not know the value

    People  living  in countries  who do not grow this fruit  , by all means would find it out of reach to buy  it, so I understand your good will Surawan of wanting to share  this wonder fruit with your friends who are unable to get it .

  • Wow!!! you will sell some mangoes and you will be rich! OMG!!!


    Please , sell your garden mangoes all of them so you will be the richest person in this world.

  • Surawan, what are you going to do with those mangos?


  • hi,,here (in my home ) we can find at least one manggo tree for one house,but the maggo is still expensive (at least for me) have fun
  • you're so caring that's why you thought about your's friends.:)


    you cool:)


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