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Have you ever eaten a mango ?

I have five mango trees in my garden.A friend told me that in his country a mango was so expensive and ten people shared one mango. Here in my garden,mangoes are for free. I wish I could send them to him .

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  • could you send me one please

  • Hi surawan really i like this photo from my heart
  • Oh, you make me drool :PPPPP. I like to eat green mangoes with a little salt and a few chili peppers... How delicious! Fortunately, there is one in my garden and it bears many fruits in this spring, when the summer comes I can enjoy them freely.

  • Mango, my favorite!

  • Hi! Would you give me a mango? Nice mangoes tickle my nostril.

  • Sweet Mango
  • Ohhh..Dad, It is cheap. Let's wait me, one day, I come your country and eat a lot of fruits...hihihi...(So I think nowadays, You need to earn more money for your lovely daughter)

  • Oh, Have you ever come to Vietnam? In my country, 1kg ~ 2 or 3 $. It is cheap. But my garden have not mangoes . I live in HOCHIMINH city. My mother house is in the home town and there have so much mangoes and this fruit...hihihi...I don't know the name of English :


  • hi . at first . when i saw this picture . i told myself .wow what are these fruits . and i translated mango and told myself .oooooooooh . so this gonna turn yellow and flavor-ish :D you know something sweet spicy (spicy like sharp not hot ) and here in Mazandaran the regular fruit are oranges and lemons and so many other . so please plase post more picture from your country fruit or un famous things :d wish u great times dear 

  • I suggest you consider starting exportation project :D. 


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