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I like beautiful GuiLing
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  • To Zindani; Thank you, nice to meet you! the GuiLing City located in northeastern guangxi,is a wordl famous tourist resorts and historical and cultural city. and The Guiling is located in Lijiang river west bank, for it's sweet Osmanthus,Osmanthus forest the name.  Lijiang River ,Hole, mountain,stone beautifully and _ Enjoy the "Landscape of guilin "reputation.

      i was trip to there for two times ,at 2009 and 2012 years, i like the River, green hill and something about the  scenery.

    to Noaslpls: Guiling no an ocean. the lijiang river around the Gree hill .......

  • Is it a lake or an ocean? By the way, a nice photo and a nice place.

  • Nice pic! chris, I'm thankful if you explain more about word 'Guiling'.
    Thanks dear.
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