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guess what is in the middle

I will give three guesses for you to know what is in the middle of the big plate?
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  • Yaani gareeb min alazagnia. Heiya tabaan gariba min albasta. As I said, the dish is eaten in two countries.  Notice that we eat pasta as a dessert at the end of the meal. This dish, we eat first and then we go to the other plates. That was a nice try Sweetest Pleasure!

  • Lazania ? I mean burnt Lazania :D

  • Merci beacoup mon ami, Chou! Well, most of the dishes here are familiar, starting from the dish of meat, salad, kuskus, custard and mulukhiya. 

    I repeat this dish is in two countries in the middle east. It is eaten first and then the rest of the other plates available, we start eating the main dish and consequently, the other elements of the menu like the side ones, desserts and the beverages. 

  • As far as i can see no one  discovered this mysterious meal till now wow !!

  • Kiya haal hain Pancaj Verma?  Try to enlarge the photo, you will know some of its ingredients. Thanks for trying!   

  • Muchas gracias HugoSM! The founder said so, but I was not sure if the brain could be of that size. Look at the plate again, do you think it's possible to be the brain? Thanks for your add and for your comment, too!

  • Nanndree Kal! You reminded me of chutney. I like it very much. This dish is like dessert, but here, we eat this dish at the beginning, then we start with the main one. Thanks, Kal for your nice try!

  • Sir Dara,

    I think it's some chutney.May be Mango or like that thing...But not sure....

  • Excuse my ignorance (did i write it well? xd) from Peru and ive never seen that first impression i tought that it was a brain x.x. I think i need to travel 

  • hlo dara , i don;t know what is this 

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