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guess what is in the middle

I will give three guesses for you to know what is in the middle of the big plate?
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  • Bahut shukriya Smile! sub se paihili, main tumari dostg manta, munkin? It's halwa, but can you name any other ingredients. My dear good friends,  this dish is only famous in two neighboring countries. It's halwa or rather it is sweet but the nations of the two countries eat it before the meal.

  • Hi dara, i think it is Halwa...
  • Nahi nahi Micheal! yea alag. This kind of dish is eaten in two countries only. I guess that is a clue for the members to start knowing what is that dish? Micheal, is it possible to be one of your friends?

  • I seem to have seen the dish in Pakistani dishes but not really sure of my views here.

  • Oops! Chou, niseet. This kind of dish is eaten in two countries. This is another clue!

  • Kidaiyir Chou? Miziyan! it's a bit far from Humus. the similarity when you grind chickpeas it gives you the same dough. you are close, my friend. Oh! By the way, could I be one of your friends? Thanks for your nice try!

  • I think this is chickpeas as we call it here "Homus". right ? 

  • Pratek ghatak alag, Rahul jee! Danyawaad! The different kinds, you see near the big plate are different. They are meat, salad, kuskus, and mulukhiyya. 

  • Kidayir Nour? Bekhair wa la baas alaik! It's far away from stewed beans.  Thanks for trying!

  • It looks like stewed beans.

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