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guess what is in the middle

I will give three guesses for you to know what is in the middle of the big plate?
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  • So what is it? I'm curious sir hehe

  • Comment allez vous Rood? First, I hope to be one of your friends. Second, I think you have eaten something like it. Thanks for your comment!
  • I never seen this king of food..

  • Kamu yakin Diah? Bagus melihat. You are about to make it. Thanks for your nice comment!
  • it looks like jelly and sugar palm liquid sauce. but im not sure because i've never seen it before

  • Iya, kita makan  nya kemarin dengan makasiyang. We ate it at lunch yesterday. I want the readers to know it. Unfortunately, up to now, no one could guess, but we will wait and see. Thanks, Yana for your nice question!

  • is it makasiyang? hehe

  • Danyawaad Smile! Sub se paihili, main tumari dost manta, mumkin? I ate this dish yesterday. I could not eat anything else after that. I meant that when you eat it, you will never feel hungry until the next day. Could I be one of your friends? Thanks for your comments

  • I never seen this type of dish..
  • Isli, main Eman ke sat bola, janab Mishaikh could tell.  You are about to get to know it. Believe me we ate it at lunch yesterday. It was very delicious. I could not have anything for supper. I told my wife to make me orange juice and I slept. Thanks, Mr. Mishaikh for your guide to that dish.

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