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Grilled Carp

These days, grilled carp is more popular in my place. It was initially served in at least small restaurant. Nowadays, it is also served in food stall with smaller portion, a half or one third of one carp, with cheaper cost. So, I can enjoy it as my daily menu.Fresh Water Fish is one of my alternative menus for a good health. Thus, I won't eat too much chicken or even junk food. Do you agree? ^_^This one was in restaurant when I dined out with family. I know it is a little charred, :D but it was the fresh carp so it tasted yummy. ^^Thanks for visiting my gallery. :)
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  • Hi Pinton,

    Nice to meet you! Thank you for your comment.

    Btw, WELCOME TO MYEC! :)

  • It's a nice grilled carp. i like it. It looks very yummy. 

  • Hi Günther,,

    Glad to meet you! Yup. :) Though it doesn't look that good, it tasted perfectly delicious with the spicy condiment. :)

    Btw, I don't find much fish bone in this, but only some BIG ones. Really. I wonder if there are various kinds of carp. I hope you can enjoy it more, Günther. Vegetables and meat is very good!

    So many thanks for leaving your precious comment and information. :)

  • Mom Mitraaaan,,,, Okay okay.... :D Don't worry! I tell you a secret. It's not easy for me to gain weight, but it's easy for me to loose weight...*ops sorry. ^^ I'll be careful with my body, sure.

    Money?? :D Great!!! :D I'll be happy to hear that...please be back SOOOOOOON...... D Thanks a lot for your visit. ^_^

  • Dear Teacher Dara,

    I'm sorry but I ate all. :D :D Anyway, you can have a new one. :) Thank you for your comment.

  • I will be back for sure and this time, I wont tell about love or weight. I will tell hahaha...interesting ?????

  • hic hic (crying), you ate all....becareful with you body, huh...hehehehe

  • Tolong,  setengah dari itu, mod. Onee. I agree with you. I like fish a lot.

  • Hi Ella,

    Indeed. ^^ Thank you for your comment.

  • Dear Roman,

    Yes. I'm never bored eating this... ^_^ ... as I actually prefer this to chicken for a good health, my alternative menu.

    Thank you for your comment. 

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