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Great Colors of Autumn

A melancholy time! So charming to the eye!Your beauty in its parting pleases me
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  • I love autumn color always, btw loved and learnt by heart many Puskina poems when I was younger...

  • Thank you Tanya! This is exactly what I wanted to say!:)
  • Thanks, guys, nice comments! Roman, let me tell you that a bulb burns out. Anyway, I like the simile!

  • Yes, AG, but one more thing that it looks like the last bright flash before the end... Like a lamp before burnning down... Or as the sunset:)

  • oh, to be honest, this color gives me a feeling of sadness.. it's like a warning that it's over... winter is coming by its all severity.. 

  • Thank you, my friends! All poetry I added belogs to the famous Russian poet Alexandr Pushkin

  • Chamu melankolya? I hope you are never pensive, lovey teacher.

  • WOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!! How this tree can be SO YELLOW... It is SO BRIGHT that dazzles my eyes! After watching of such beauty it is hard to believe that this tree was green before. Thank you Tanya for sharing these charming pictures:)

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