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Thank you Grace for making me to wash up my shoes:) Now they are so clean that I can put them on the table with the flowers, cake and lemon! This is a pair of two years old sneakers. To tell something interesting about them? Ok! I went to the village, wearing them for many times. And they were so dirty that... that I don't know what word is correct to express their dirtiness after some times. So I mean that I just like, that I still can clean them up so good!
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  • Thank you Evangelina! Wow, you are right! I also always try to guess, what did someone think/feel about, before taking the picture:D

    No:D It was just a simple apple cake without caramel, on it. In the white places I just smeared the surface with not enough amount of blended egg. :D But yes, it was delicious!

    Thank you! Also if you want to see it closer, you can look in the comments here:)

  • Roman,

    What a beautiful photo with so many lovely details, the best thing with this picture is, the impression one gets of all the thoughtful efforts of yours behind before you posted it. I really like that.

    Shoes got effectively cleaned and you look cool wearing them. Black shoes match with almost everything. I also have a pair of black sneakers.

    Cake looks very delicious, seems like there is caramel on top. What kind of cake it is?

    Thank you for presenting your sneakers in your own very unique way :)

  • :D :D I see.......

  • No:( it is a dog plate:)
  • This one, no??


  • Hi Onee! I am glad that I can differentiate:D
    But where is that ashtray?:) Nobody is smoking here :)
    Thank you for your nice comment!:)
  • Roman,, LOL.... 

    How terrifying picture is! :D I didn't wish you were that hungry that you couldn't differentiate between food and shoes. :D 

    From this pic, I can conclude that....

    Roman likes watching TV. There's an ashtray there. Do you think Roman is smoking? Oh, he also likes eating cakes since his childhood (based on childhood picture, proved :D). Flowers there shows his romanticism. A glass of ..... okay just plain water prove that he keep a healthy diet. ^^ 

    Thanks for sharing the pic and reading my humorous comment. ^^

  • Hi Eman! No, it is just perfect:)

  • ... I am sorry, but it could get old and non edible, so...

  • Btw who ate my cake? ¬¬

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