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Here you can see those my 5 years old COOL SUMMER SHOES (Sandals)! When I wear them I feel like I am the best! Because they are so light and so comfortable! I can walk, run and jump with them and it is so cool! I feel like I am an ninja, when I wear them! Omg, you must feel that feeling...!!!! Ah, and it is my dinner on the table: The buckwheat, the salad (cabbage+carrot+onion+oil), boiled eggs and the cutlets!
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  • Thank you, Hurieh! :DDD

    You are right!!!

  • Elen :) 42 is not a big size of men shoes.

  • Your dinner looks even more luxury by putting the sandales on dinning table!
  • Because your sandals in the photos in the comments' form, look to be small. But I know it is because of the way you took the photos. Besides, as I can see, they are size 42 :)

  • Hi Elen! :D

    Thank you! You got what I mean!

    Haha! Why do you think they are a kid's shoes?

  • It seems you like to dare people in here, Roman, by showing them food and shoes together. Hehehehehe :D :D

    Nice shoes for summer. I totally understand you when you say they are so comfortable that you can run and jump with them.

    In the photos that you posted as comment, they seem like a kid's shoes. Hehe :D :D

  • Hi Muskan! Thank you! Because it is one of the best places in my home to make a good picture...

  • Whyyyyyyy did you put them with food :O ? On dinning table OMG !!! Whyyyyyyyyy?

    BTW the condition of your sandals says they can still be in use for next 5 years. Good job keeping them in good condition....

    But still Whyyyyyyyy? :D

  • Hi Ella! Really? Then please show them:)

  • Hi Baho:D Or if I want to stuff my sandals with food and bake them later:D

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