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Here are my new Winter Shoes. And my 5 years old Summer Shoes (Sandals) which I don't wear because I have another very COOL Summer Shoes, which I show little bit later.
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  • No, Elen :) I just wanted to make something extraordinary:)

    Yes, they are really warm!

    Thank you! :) Have a good day!

  • Hahaha! Did you hang them like that to show how clean they are so you can put them next to the food or drink? :D :D

    I like them! They are elegant and they seem to offer much warmth. As for the sandals, I can't have a complete opinion but they seem nice :)

  • Thank you dear Kal! :DDD OK, you will not see me like that:D

  • How nice you Roman!

    But my wish will not see you like this:(2644058028?profile=original

  • Omg, Onee:( It seems, still you have not seen my next picture with food:(

  • Yes, it is EXACTLY what you have showed with your link! I like to do those exercises and to hang on it! Thank you!

  • Nice way to keep the shoes, Roman. I hope the shoelaces will not get broken. :))

    These black and cool footwear fit you. Glad that no more food beside them. LOL.

  • Is the tool for hanging on clothes or something? I imagine if this could be afford someone's weight to do pull up like this. :D…
  • No, Grace, there are no reasons behind it. I just wanted to show that I have that tool on my ceiling!:D And I still don't know the correct name of it... Do you have the same tool at your home?

    But wait, I think there can be the reason to hand the shoes like that - if you have not enough place for your shoes... :D

    Thank you! Have a nice Sunday!

  • Oh..what a cool way to hang shoes like this! Is there any interesting reasons behind? :)

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