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Full of energy

This Picture I took after the whole day of walking and visiting many places.. I wonder where they také energy from? Guess from me :D hahaaaaaa
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  • Am sure this is a priceless photo for you to keep forever, Luci. They grow very fast! I wonder what would their reaction like when they see your photos after fifteen years. :) May they become free-spirited and loving individuals as they grow up. 

  • God bless them :)

  • Children only know playing/games etc... they don't understand "Tiresome"..:P

    Their mother know well about them, that they need some rest...^_^

  • I agree with Esta....

  • Such mother, such kids...
  • Nice kids, Lucinka! Why don't you join them?:)))) Who cares about whole day of walking:)

  • oh yeahhhhhhhhhh.. lovely amazing cheering and heart-seizing spectacular splendid stunning fascinating  charming glamorous and much much much more.. Kisses to their happiness :) 

  • How adorable are they? Kids never tired at play.God bless them!

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