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Don't mow, let it grow

Nothing better than sitting on a meadow and thinking about nothing! :P

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  • This is really nice  , an eye soothing picture 👍

  • thank you


  •        Wow, from the first time I saw this nice picture, I fall in love with it, because it reminded me of my homeland Jordan. God bless you.

    • Hi, sewar, I actually don't know how it looks in Jordan. But I assume meadows have beauty in every country. :)
      Thanks for your comment. :)

  • Hey , what brand of cam. did you use ?

    • My Canon. ;-)

  • These yellow flowers are cowslips. They remember me when I was a child, we always picked them in Thuringia. They grew en masse in the forest meadows. We can't see many these days because they mow the meadows before the flowers can bloom. 

    Thanks for reminding me, NotAClue. 

    • Yeah, Rose, that is why I love living here so much. I can see the forest while sitting on my terrace. My landlord let the garden be a meadow but he mows hearts for his wife into the grass/meadow. Both are 83 years old and very lovely. :))

  • yep, when lies on your back,  blade of grass underneath your itching,  and feels good while you are looking at the vast blue sky in the middle of fragrance of wild flowers!

    • :)) 

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