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Happy Valentine Day Everyone!

I do believe that expressing compassion is not only good to do by today. But maybe today just show it a little bit more!


PEONY :)))

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  • Entire zoo? Hahah gosh )))


  • Make it lasts for the whole year... or forever! :D

    Ok. Just a great feeling in any case ))

    Oh... just take the hyenas out of the zoo. Fake smile. 

    • aww, I just delivered your message to the hyena.  I couldn't stand to see his expression.8575279495?profile=RESIZE_584x

  • Hello Peony, 

    I'm sorry for being a bit late.

    I like when you say..... when I'm with you. ^_^

    • oh Onee Chan, it's been ages 😱. I thought I would never see you again 🥺🥺. Come across you here is a real meaning of "When I am with u" 🌹🤗🤗. Senengggg bingit! 

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