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Eggshell Art

It's the weekend! What I like about it is the time to spend making artworks. Here's a cake art made of eggshells. Putting the pieces of eggshells on the drawing requires patience and a bit of imagination.Here's an idiom about eggshells:Treading on Eggshells - means being sensitive to the situation or being very careful about what you say to others especially to someone who is having a rough day.Example:I was treading on eggshells when I phoned my friend because I heard she had broken up with her boyfriend. I tried to cheer her up, luckily it worked! :)By the way, I'm planning to paint this piece so it would look colorful and lovelier. What do you think should be the color of this cake art? Share your thoughts on the comment section. Thanks!
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  • What a clever suggestion. Serene! Thanks a bunch for the compliment. I truly appreciate it. I'll try to enhance this art once I have more free time. Cheers! :)

  • You are so innovative and creative person! Its looks stunning! 

    You can add few colors to the cake’s to make it more colorful. I think yellow, pink, orange a bit greenish tone will suit on your cake.

  • I couldn't thank you enough for your encouragement, dear Grace! : )

  • WOW.. so glad to hear you have such a wonderful goal for the future career. I believe fulfilling it for you is just a piece of cake. Once you own your bakeshop, your products would go like hot cakes because of the unique flavor the customers might not find in the market. :D

  • A million thanks, dear Grace! You're quite right. I love cakes and it's always a challenge for me to come up with a flavor that's not usually found in the market. I hope to manage my own bakeshop in the future while teaching English! :)

  • Oh, Eva! I'm 'full of the joys of spring' because of your comment! Nothing beats using art in a natural way. I'm pleased you're quite an artistic person too! Let's rock on! :)

  • Thanks a million, Nida! :)

  • Well done, Robbie! it seems like you are a cake lover. I found many of your photos are cake. :D

  • Wow, Robbie!! :)

  • Thanks a lot, My Lovely Sister! Greetings from the Philippines! :)

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