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EC Photo Caption Challenge

This is a pic of my cat while I was outside, on line after Easter Sunday festivities, and posting here on EC. I just couldn't resist the temptation to capture it. Afterwards, the idea occurred to me to pose a challenge for my fellow EC Members. Write a funny caption that suits the photo. Gentlemen, and I often use that term in a very loose manner here. Please keep the comments clean. Ladies, I know you'll probably write something funnier than my first suggestion. To start this off, I wrote one of my own. "Common cat! Show the camera how an American swimsuit model makes her living." lol. I hope to get some good responses and thank you in advance.
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  • Lucy!!! lolllll..I think our two pets are cut from the same mold. When they sleep that way, it's usually a sign of confidence and comfort in their own environment because they're well taken care of by the people who love them. My own Black Lab does the same thing. She falls sound asleep on her back in the sun with a half eaten bowl of food next to her..Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to capture that photo yet. It's always funny to observe them when it happens. My camera is poised and waiting.

  • I love sleeping in this way, this makes my stomach warm with the sun's rays.

    2386711073?profile=originalRayo loves to sleep that way too! hahaha


  • 【mommy, if you dont give back my chocolate, I wont get up!】

    【what does cute mean? Look at me, got it now?】

    【oh, what a beautiful day, I am drunk~】

    【shh! I am dating with Mr. Sun~】

    【hugs wanted here!】

    What a cat!

  • You know Erc.. I couldn't think at a comment funner than yours
    ((swimsuit model))


  • knock them dead

  • Here some examples from EC members about this challenge : Wordless Wednesday blogs

  • Adorable picture!

    Please check out a rule of teacher Tara about this challenge : Wordless Wednesday. Thank you, you will be interested in :)

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