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Early Signs Of Autumn.

I was out walking, and I saw all this, signs of that autumn is soon here.I hope you all will feel like sharing photos of how beautiful this season looks at your place.If not, then at least how you imagine autumn to be :)Enjoy and have lots of fun.
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  • Beautiful pictures Evangelina! They look like they have came out of a fairytale!

  • Beautiful!!!

  • this is so unreal... its like LOTR something.. there's probably Elf somewhere.. 

    so pretty ^^

  • Woww! What great pics you've shared here, Eva!

    Cool! 8)

  • @ Olga  

     Stunningly  beautiful  shots  :) 

  • @Olga

    Glad to see your photos, too! They are gorgeous! :)

  • It's so inspiring to see your photos, dear Eva! It's like bringing hope to the viewer who has been in a tough day at work. Unfortunately, we don't have autumn or fall here in the Philippines. We only have two seasons, 'wet and dry'. This time of the year is the wet (rainy) season. In fact, a supertyphoon has hit my country last week. Thank goodness, it didn't landfall in my place! 

    Thank you for sharing your photos!

  • Nice!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  •      Show us more of these beautiful  autumn  shots dear Evangeline  :) 

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