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Boat trip through the river

It's autumn in here, it's rainy day and I only have gone out 3 times in two months, just to buy groceries.
So I wanted to remember a beautiful day last summer, on January. It was a warm, happy day and I went with my partner to one of the traditional trips you can go in my city.

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  • You have a really good reveal the beauty of this water one needs to be either a professional photographer..or get good equipment. Congrats. Really nice picture.

  • Good job !.. I liked this scene...Thanks for sharing...

  • Wow, 3 times in two months just to buy groceries. Do you take a boat trip to buy groceries?

    It's hot season here. No rain, the weather is not so bad (not so hot).

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hahaha! No, I live in the city so I don't need to take a boat. But some people living in the backwoods near some river have to go to the city crossing some small river in their boats.
      I miss the sun :) Send a little! 

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