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March #2 : Traditional Dish

" Mugrabia" is a traditional dish in my city. It's made of chicken ,onions ,groats,chickpeas and almond .I hope you like it !
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  • Hi Allen ! Thank you for passing by ! This dish is traditional and it's salty . We often cook it for lunch.  

  • @ Noura :

    Yes , it's delicious ! Thank you for dropping by !

     @ Anele:

    You don't eat chicken at all ...This dish can't be without it .I eat chicken and meat ..but I like vegetables more,my favourite dishes always contain vegetables and  you can see a plate of fruit beside me  always ... :)

  • wow it looks yamyyyy

  • @ Grace :

    I'm sure you will like it more if you taste it ! Thank you dear for sharing ! 

  • @ Dear Nadira :

    Thank you for sharing ! You are right ,it's so delicious ! I hope you can taste it one day ..You are invited ! :)

  • OMG.. love this dish. ))))  I'm hungry now.  :D

  • @ Bright -rubies: 

    You are right ! It's so tasty ,especially if I cook it . :) I will tell you the recipe if you like!

  • @ Junco : Thanks a lot ,dear ! I hope one day you can visit me and you will taste it with other delicious traditional dishes ,too ! :)

  • wow delicious
  • I like it so much. It's so tastey. I ate it many tims, but I didn't try to make it. I hope to do someday.
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