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Don't tell my mom!

In the photo is my nephew. I teased him about taking his photo and sending it to his mom and dad immediately. He said, "Please don't..." After thinking for a while, he said again, "Ah, it's fine!". Then, he continued to go deeply into the water.Thank you for visiting my gallery. ^_^
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  • Saya suka gambar km mod. Onee Chan! May Allah bless him and his family! Thanks for sharing!

  • OMG.....hahaha....Kiddssss....Noting can stop them...

    Lol GIF - Laughing Lol Haha GIFs

  • Hi Rajesh!

    I'm glad this make you LOL. Thank you for your appreciation on this photo. ^_^

  • LOL.

  • Hi Evaa!

    Please don't! :D

    Yes, he has grown fast. )))) Thank you for your wishes, and comment. ^^ Happy to see you around.

  • Aaarhmh, well, I’m going to tell ;))

    He has grown - MarshAllah

    I think he is brave one.

  • :D Thank you, Elen, for your visit. ^_^

  • Oops... :)

  • NotAClue,




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