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Do you have a suitable title for this

Please help.. I just don't know how to describe it. 

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  • Kekuatan dalam bentuk. It expresses something, thanks, Mod. Onee for sharing. 

  • Going  strong though  Dead 

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    • Hello Ella,

      That sounds good.

      Thank you for visiting my gallery.))


    • Hello Adriano,  

      I think don't know how the tree died.))) 

      Thanks a lot for visiting my gallery. 

  • what is the pot used for ?



    • Hello Fizzy, 

      The pot is used for planting a small flower plant. And for your information. This is actually a dead tree, cutted, and moved to another place. So, it stands by moulding, (sands and cement)

      How is it?

      • i see..  if its rain.. the water will flow in the pot.. <-- i dont know how to say in english "tadah air hujan"  hehe 

        • Fizzy, 

          There are some small holes beneath the pot. The soil on the pot will absorb the water, and it if it is too many, then the water will flow down .))

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