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Checking some tests before printing.
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  • Thanks, Salma Ibrahim, please, tell the two gentlemen that I was really at work, and I will prove it someday by a photo. Thanks for defending me Salma.

  • Kamu yakin Hayabusa? Are you sure, my dear good friend? Lol! By the way, you are not online every time. Are you busy during the past few weeks? Thanks for your comment on my photo. 

  • bagaimana kamu tahu, Fizzi? I have a big screen plasma behind me. When I turn to write some it is usually overhead. My eyes are always looking up to see or write. Thanks, Fizzy for your comment. 

  • LOL! You guys are funny! :D

  • i dont think you are working dara gino.. hehehe..  

This reply was deleted.