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Crown of Thorns

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  • SNR, :(

    I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it will get fixed soon or you'll get a new one. :)

    Good day!


  • Hi Onee, 

    I wish I could take a shot and share here but I cannot as my phone is broken and not working at all. :(

  • It would be nice to see it in orange color, SNR. I hope you can take a shot of it and you can share here. ^^

    Thank you.

  • Hey Onee, 

    We had this plant but the flowers were orange instead of pink, I don't know its name. 

  • Most welcome, sister. I don't think they have bad fragrance. 

    Okay, later I should smell it. ^^

  •      Thanks for answering  me . It has been said that good looking roses  have no good fragrance 

  • Dear Rosemary

    I don't think they have a strong scent. This is more info about it.

    Thanks for your visit. ^^

    Euphorbia milii
    Euphorbia milii, the crown of thorns, Christ plant, or Christ thorn, called Corona de Cristo in Latin America (coroa-de-cristo in Brazil), is a spec…
  •       It looks super beautiful  , what about the smell ? 

  • Thanks, RoseKal, and Fizzy, for liking the photo. ^^

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