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Common Magpie

When I was kid there was a lot of them nesting near of our country home. But then I hadn't seen them many years, but now, last summer I saw some in the outskirt of town.. Seems they come to nest there every year. :)
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  • It's posible, dara. But why to bother with friend thing now, when we can have conversation anyways? I've added too many friends to my list.. most of them I don't know who they are.. Therefore, I've stopped accepting friend requests, because it has lost the meaning for me..  ^_^

  • Tere tulemast Hardi, can I be one of your friends?

  • Thank you dara gino. I'm doing just fine.. I have to stop, the sun game out. ^_^

  • Kuidas sul laheb, Hardi? I hope to be one of your friends. Nice photo

  • Nice pictures! 

  • Nice photo!

    These birds have become rare in my town. I saw them just now, when severe frosts and snow forced them to look for food. You will not believe, but even the sparrows disappeared in my town. The horror!

  • Hello Fumi.

    Thank you for the comment. The photo isn't very good. I took it by using camera zoom. And the bird was going further away, when I was closing in..

    I took several photos, but that one seemed the best then.. other that are acceptable are these. :)



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