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Caught in the Rain

Last night, I was caught in the rain and took a shelter. Waiting for half an hour, I took some photos. I just realized that there was a pedicab that the driver was in a comfortable sleep inside. :)

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  • I love it when it is raining.   It is sure a long wait...  lets bring some umbrella next time Onee-chan ^^

  • LOL, Mishaikh.

    Yeah, you may think so as the title is 'caught in the rain', then I should be there. :D I'm sorry.

    You're right. It's sad to see floods. :( I don't get much trouble anymore with floods. When the rain falls, I can just stay home. Flood will not come to my place, but the roads towards it (my current place, city). As I don't need to go outside for long, I don't have much trouble when rain is flooding the roads. Glad to hear that there is safe as well.

    Thank you so much for the wishes and nice comment on this photo. ^_^

  • Where were you, you are not seen in the pic.

    You should take a selfie.

    Rain it is a blessing (if normal).  Most of the time it is.

    Back there in Karachi, the Karachiites lack rain very much, but when it comes, the entire city gets flooded, roads close, traffic get disturbed, because of improper civics necessities.  Hope there is no such problem in your place.

    Here in Baltimore also there is no such problems even sometimes there in rain throughout the day.

    Good pic Onee. Thanks for sharing. 

  • ^_^ Despacito ^_^

  • Dear Roman,

    Soooo......... I wonder what song you will sing.......................... ^^

  • Ah, Onee :)

    With castanietas and singing ^^

  • NotAClue,

    Glad to see you back! :) Sure, you may save it, dear. So many thanks for your appreciation. ^_^

  • Roman,

    Tell me how you would join...? ))))))))) That bunny means 'thinking in a cool way. 8)

  • I still don't understand :)

  • Terima kasih kembali mod. Onee. Welcome!

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