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Cat Got your Tongue?

This is my cat, Kittytay who loves guarding my tiny garden. This time around though, she’s decided to strike a pose in front of my camera to make a statement that cats shouldn’t be subjected to cruelty in any form. In some countries, cats are being butchered and killed for human consumption, as part of a delicacy or even as trophy. And what's even worst, they are hunted for fun.On the other hand, the saying ‘(Has the) cat got your tongue?’ is an informal question used when someone is not speaking or saying too much in a conversation. In other words, he or she is quiet enough or perhaps shy to participate in a discussion.For example;Daenarys: “You were so quiet during the council meeting, Cersai. Cat got your tongue?”Cersei: “Please bear with me, I was so pre-occupied. I had a nightmare about a zombie almost attacking me. I shouldn’t have watched a lot of Game of Thrones at night alone”.Thank you for reading! :)
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  • Thank you, Robbie! The same for you and even better!
  • Thank you ELF-Noor, Risty, SNR, Precious, Eva, Kal, Ella, Luci, Roman, Dara, and Grace for liking this photo! Have a great new week ahead! :)

  • Hey, Risty!

    It's just my luck to get a proper angle of this cat. She's woken up and not in the mood to play that time. You're probably right, that stare could mean 'back off'. Funnily enough, after some photo shots I left her alone. She usually and quickly grabs anything that comes in front of her and luckily my camera was spared he he.

    Thank you for your comment!

    Happy weekend!

    Robbie :)

  • "What are you looking at?" hahaha! ( ⓛ ω ⓛ *) I think Kuya, you are good at taking care of it, it looks neat. With that name, it is a female cat, right? She's giving us a maldita stare...hahaha! Cute!

  • You're welcome, Dara! :)

  • Howdy, Eva!

    No worries! Kittytay could be the female version of Ninos. She likes a lot of attention just like 'Krasunia', Roman's cat. Thank you very much for the compliment! :)


    Robbie :)

  • Salamat mod. Robbie! Both of us, I mean my son, Mohammad, we afraid of cats. It's a long story. I will tell you later. Thanks.
  • Robbie,

    Oops so many typos I made in my comments :))

    She is ever so beautiful and cute. Very nice posed of her :)

    Reminds me of our ultimate charmer Ninos - noaslpls cat.
  • Hello, Bet!

    You're absolutely right! It's sometimes annoying when a cat you know is quite tamed then suddenly bite you. But I think some cats are really loyal to their owners and they do not attack them at all.

    Thank you for dropping by!

    Robbie :)

  • Hi, Kelo!

    Welcome to MyEC! I'm sorry about your cat. God made a lot of animals to be taken cared of, for us to understand their importance and that they are truly great living creatures with emotions. Did you know that people with pets are happier? I hope you'll find another one!

    Thank you for your comment!

    Cheer up!


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