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  • lol....

  • I have witnessed only heartbreaking not mind-breaking

    So would u tell me Adel how that can be? ;)

    I am curious.

  • hey Addel she is my sister too + my best friend so she will definitely help ME not YOU.

    Besides, I am  not doing anything wrong. I am just trying to know the truth ;)))


  • Oh I received a blow :S

    What kind of friends are u nido? you are suppose to support me and use ur spying powers against Addel .

    I am heart broken now.:p

  • Rabab and addel, keep fighting! ^_*


    I'm enjoying your conversation............hehehe...........^_^

  • mmmm and you were late in answering me that's mean you were hesitant and you are chose words carefully ;) I am not a spy but my best friend  is, so takecare ;)

    Now am asking you friendly Addel :)??

  • Ameeeen Addel I hope that too :((

    errr nido has a restricted area to work within which is My EC, KSA isn't included ;)

  • Talking about spying. Why do I feel that you are very familiar Addel 2382110966?profile=originalWhere u using another name or was it Addel from the start??

    I hope nido would figure it out ;)

    Come on nido give me a hand here ^_*

  • oh Addel she is very confident and too good to be hidden like newbies ;)
  • notears is missing :((((. I am very worried about her :S

    She is not answering not here or in fb or even in email.

    I hope she is fine.

This reply was deleted.